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Feministing, “I should not be billed for my rape kit”
Republican Govenor Chris Christie of New Jersey is stalling on his review of legislature that will no longer bill victims of sexual violence for services directly associated with forensic examinations. Not sure why Govenor Christie needs to think about whether it is appropriate for victims of sexual violence to re-live the trauma by essentially paying for the investigation into their own assault.

Guardian, “A diet book for six-year-old girls: the worst idea ever?”
In short, yes, worst idea ever. Maggie Goes on a Diet, tells the story of Maggie, 14 years old, who goes on a diet. Yes, that is the plot. The best part? The book is listed as appropriate for children ages 6-12. I know that when I have children, I’m going to buy them all this book for their 6th birthdays, so they all have a great chance at developing eating disorders and body image and self-esteem issues.

Feministe, “That’s an interesting definition of ‘victim’ you’ve got there”
Nabil Samaan claims that his brother, Mourad ‘Moni’ Samaan, was a victim of a broken family court system. Mourad and his ex-wife Marcia Fay, were fighting for custody of their 2-year-old daughter. The couple clearly had issues, because they had never been in agreement about their daughters’ name: Madeline Layla Samaan-Fay (the Samaan family wanted her first name Layla, while the Fay family wanted it Madeline). So, to settle things once and for all, Mourad shot and killed his daughter and then killed himself. Mourad’s brother, Nabil, states: “I think he did the right thing. I’m proud of my brother and now he’s in a better place. He’s at peace. His daughter’s at peace. She’ll have one name now, and we can move on. And hopefully the court will learn a little thing about justice.” Are you fucking kidding me?

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