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a birthday note to mum

happy 33rd birthday mama lav!
(hey, if dad gets to be 34, then you most certainly can pull off 33!)

well it snowed this morning. and it was the perfect kind of snow. not too much, not too little. but enough so that looking outside the window of your toasty warm home, as you sit knitting your squares, you feel the christmas glow start tingling in your heart. and no, you’re not allowed to play christmas music until december 1st. that’s the rule.

for your birthday we went out to dinner to royal jasmine (mmm). you bought yourself a tassimo-machine-thingy to make your chai lattes. and later tonight i’ll be making dinner for you, dad, grammy and i.

but its not enough. for all that you do for us, whatever we do to celebrate your birthday never seems to be enough. i mean, where would we be without you? a bunch of smelly, hungry folks who wouldn’t be able to manage ourselves, that’s where.

you bring so much joy and light into my life. you support me through everything i face. you are the best mum a daughter could ask for.

so enjoy your special day! you really deserve it.

love rae

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