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What once started with a few broomsticks, magic wands, and three small, yet truly iconic children, has grown into something undoubtably larger-than-life.

July 15, the release of the final and highly-anticipated installment of the Harry Potter series.

I attended the midnight showing with friends, and arrived to our theatre a solid 5 hours prior to our showtime of 12:01 am. Wouldn’t you know it, there were already line-ups of people up and down the hallways of the theatre, young people decked out in Hogwart’s robes, still others dressed as distinct characters (Dumbledore, Umbridge, Snape and Bellatrix), and the always hated ‘seat savers’ guarding prime movie-watching seats for friends.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 was perfect. It had everything: action, adventure, humour, tension, sadness, and joy. Fans got to see the long-awaited Hermione-Ron kiss, the horror of losing one half of the Weasley-twin-duo, the untold secrets of Snape, the bravery of Harry, the final fall of Voldemort, and the triumph of good over evil. Plus the glimpse of Harry and the gang 19-years in the future was so much fun!

A perfect ending to a perfect series.

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