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I’ve been trying to convince my friend to start a blog, with no success. I thought it would be a fun way for her to keep up her writing skills (she is an excellent writer) and to share her adventures as a medical student in Long Island, NY. Plus, she’s pretty hilarious, and always seems to have a funny story to share, which I think she could translate really well into blog-format. But it looks like she’s a no go. She did however, give consent for me to write about her shenanigans…

Now, being a med school student, you might expect, let’s call her A, to have a few basic qualities that we may (or may not) find in doctors: a good communicator, intellectual, empathetic, realistic, logical, and generally a person who does not procrastinate and is on the ball with things. Well, she is…uhhh…smart! Yes, she is intellectual. Umm, she is also… let’s see… she’s VERY smart. Yup!

So with Hurricane Irene knocking on her front door, A decided she should probably take a few precautions to prepare for the worst… the day of the storm:

  • She took her car to 3 gas stations before finding one that hadn’t sold out.
  • She visited the Dollar Store to buy candles in case of a power outage, but was too late, and was only able to buy ONE candle, which was shaped like a baby’s shoe (my guess is that while she now has a candle, it is unlikely she owns matches or a lighter in the event that she would need to light the candle).
  • And while she has water stored up, she has hardly any food.

The day prior to the storm, when it was still gloriously sunny outside, A was let out from work at the hospital early. Clearly taking advantage of this time, A watched the weather channel, made a trip to Wendy’s for food, and fell asleep early. Though to her credit, A also spent 2 of those hours talking to me on the phone, listening to me bitch about life and my hatred for Hurricane Irene (which ruined my trip to visit her).

A‘s approach to Hurricane Irene and impending danger was not what you might expect from a soon-to-be doctor. But A has always managed to land on her feet, despite her procrastinating ways. I have no doubts that if Hurricane Irene tries to mess with her, A will find a way to give the storm the run around.

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