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This past week, Bitch Magazine, in conjunction with Feminist Coming Out Day, led a campaign known as the “click moment” — or when you first realized you were a feminist. It allowed self-identified feminists to showcase their faces/voices/words/thoughts on the internets, and to tell their “coming out” stories. The faces and voices of feminism, I just love it!

So what was my “click moment”?

I spent a lot of time this week thinking about when the click happened, and I couldn’t really pin it down. It’s like trying to figure out when you really bonded with your best friend, or when you started liking chocolate (duh, since always!). I do know that I was actually a little hesitant to define myself as a feminist, even though it was clear that I was. During my formative years my favourite television shows were BUFFY and XENA. In Grade 12, we had to do a book report assignment for English class with Mr Beckett, and I chose Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte…

“It is a novel often considered ahead of its time due to its portrayal of the development of a thinking and passionate young woman who is both individualistic, desiring for a full life, while also highly moral. Jane evolves from her beginnings as a poor and plain woman without captivating charm to her mature stage as a compassionate and confident whole woman. As she matures, she comments much on the complexities of the human condition. Jane also has a deeply pious personal trust in God, but is also highly self-reliant. Although Jane suffers much, she is never portrayed as a damsel in distress who needs rescuing. For this reason, it is sometimes regarded as an important early feminist (or proto-feminist) novel.”

Ummm, closeted-feminist much?

Going into my 2nd year at UTM, my mum convinced me to take Intro to Women and Gender Studies, despite my hesitation and uncertainty, and wouldn’t ya know it, I kinda fell in love. There wasn’t a moment when I said “Well damn, this is for me” — but I guess it was just falling into the community, reading the texts, listening to my profs, and chatting with classmates.

So thank you, feminism, for introducing me to a community of lovely people and activists, teaching me, and providing me the tools and the language that I had unknowingly been searching for.

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