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People tell me that I am lucky for not being able to smell. They say that most of the time things either don’t smell much like anything, or what they can smell is not pleasant. One friend even said that 70% of things she smells aren’t enjoyable.

But just a few weeks ago, while I was at placement, I opened up my lunch and BOOM, I was hit with the sweet sweet smell of fresh strawberries and bananas! I kid you not when I say that I literally ran into the neighbouring offices to make sure everyone knew that I was able to smell the sweetness of my fruit salad.

It seems then, that my accupuncture and osteopathy sessions are working.

Except at the moment, cause I’ve got a cold and my sinuses are blocked. Really, really blocked. But it IS working!

I’ve had around 8 or 9 sessions by this point, and the body work is usually the same thing: 1-2 needles in my left hand, one in my right hand; sometimes a couple needles on my arms between my elbows and wrists; 2 needles on either side of my nostrils; 1 between my eyebrows; and around 6 needles on various spots on my head.

The Pin Cushion Queen will smell again!

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