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and she goes West

Well it finally happened. After almost 5 months of job-searching, I’ve landed a job. The catch? It’s out West. Waaay West! And North. Latitude 54 North. Like, almost-freaking-Alaska-North-West.

So I’m off on an adventure. If you don’t know much about Haida Gwaii, because I certainly didn’t before coming across the job description, have a read: Haida Gwaii. You can see a few major towns listed on the map above — I will be in Masset, the Northern most city on the island.

My job is two-fold: one, Stopping the Violence Counsellor, where I will be doing one-on-one and group counselling with women who have experienced violence; and two, Outreach Worker, doing educational work, workshops, crisis line, and accompaniments with women. AKA: DREAM JOB!

I plan on keeping up as much as I can with my blogging, as well as attempting some vlogging. Of course, being on such a picturesque West coast island, there will be many, many nature photos. You have been warned.


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Aljazeera, “Surviving against all odds”
A truly outstanding and inspiring woman, Masika Katsuva has helped more than 6,000 rape survivors in South Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo.


Ms Magazine, “Letter to Bella, and Other Girls with Blue Shoes”
This little girl, 4 years old, wore blue, Buzz Lightyear running shoes to school, and was teased by her classmates for this. Melissa Wardy wrote her an open letter which I found just blissful to read. She talks about gender norms and expectations and the ostracism and confusion that comes when we step outside these boundaries. She uses cool new phrases which I plan on stealing, like “double scoop awesome”. She inspires us to teach our children and neices and nephews that there’s no “right” way to be a little boy or a little girl. Loved it!

Mulimah Media Watch, “The Interrupters”
Based in Chicago, The Interrupters, are a group of violence preventers who were recently filmed in a documentary of the same name. The Interrupters is an offshoot of CeaseFire, an organization that approaches violence as an epidemic afflicting the city from a public health perspective. The foundation of CeaseFire lies in the belief that violence can be prevented through intervention. The clip of the documentary follows Ameena Matthews, a Muslim woman working at CeaseFire who shares her personal story of how she was involved in gang violence. Looks like a fantastic documentary.

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Huffington Post, “Teach Girls to be Smart, Not Sexy”
While I can get behind Carol Roth’s message, that as the older generation, we have a responsibility to the growing generations of girls to help them develop their sense of self-worth, I struggle with the headline and message that we should be teaching our girls to be smart, and not at all sexy. Roth asks readers if they want to see their daughters and nieces grow up to be a President or a Playboy bunny. In an ideal world, my daughter would be BOTH President and Playboy bunny!

Jezebel, “School allegedly made girl write apology to her rapist”
Disgusting treatment of a young woman with disabilities by the education system. No comment.

Feministing, “JC Penny’s Back to School T-shirts”
“I’m too pretty to do homework, so my brother has to do it for me”. Isn’t that a fantastic t-shirt to put your daughter in as she heads back to school? This completely relates to Carol Roth’s argument, and in this situation, I agree. This t-shirt sends the message that girls need to focus on their looks, girls do not need to be smart, and boys are the intelligent ones. Not a fan of this back-to-school ensemble. JC Penny t-shirt FAIL.

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